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Importance of Sand Drying Production Line for High-Quality, Moisture-Free Sand in Construction and Industrial Applications

Sand dryer production lines are typically used in the construction and industrial sectors to dry sand and other granular materials. The main purpose of sand dryers is to remove moisture from sand. This line ensures that high-quality, moisture-free sand is available for a wide range of applications, leading to improved efficiency, cost savings, and product quality.

Sand Drying Production Line

Dura Mortar's sand drying production line designed with cutting-edge technology and advanced equipment guarantee high-quality and efficient production, enabling you to achieve superior results at reduced costs. ...
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Sand Making Production Line

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Thermoplastic Road Marking Paint Production Line

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Tile Adhesive Production Line

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Raymond Mill Production Line

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Thermal Insulation Mortar Production Line

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The Dura Mortar three-pass sand dryer production line saves us 15-20% of fuel compared to the traditional single cylinder dryer! I hope you can make more energy-saving devices!

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As well as producing sand drying production lines, we also provide you with other single equipment such as mortar mixers, raymond grinding mills, bucket elevators, etc. It’s all here, one stop purchasing.

Mortar Mixer:

A mortar mixer mixes cement, sand, and water to create mortar, which is often used in bricklaying, plastering, and tile setting projects. It’s designed to mix the materials efficiently and produce a consistent mix.

Raymond mill:

Raymond mills are grinding machines that are used for non-flammable and non-explosive materials. They’re widely used in mining, metallurgy, chemical engineering, building materials, and more.

Bucket elevator:

Bulk materials, like grains, powders, or granulars, can be transported vertically with bucket elevators. Basically, it’s a series of buckets attached to a belt or chain that move in a continuous loop, scooping up material from the bottom and dumping it at the top.

how to start a sand drying production line

It takes a lot of equipment to build a sand dryer production line, including sand dryers, conveyor belts, crushers, and screens. Prepare tools and accessories for the production line, like wrenches, pliers, screwdrivers, cutters, bearings, gears, and belts.

The raw material is sand, which can be found in mines or river beds; you need fuel for the dryer, so you can choose natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, coal, etc.

Additionally, you need to hire operators, maintenance workers, and other workers for the production line. You need to prepare land and buildings for the production line and to store raw materials.

To find sales channels and customers, marketing has to do market research and publicity.

To prepare a fund, you have to buy raw materials, pay wages, rent and other expenses (based on local market prices). Sand dryer equipment costs between 15,000 US dollars and 30,000 US dollars, depending on the output and model.

How sand drying process looks like

The production process of the sand drying production line, raw material feeding, puts the sand raw materials that need to be dried into the feed port of the sand drying production line. The raw materials get from the storage area to the feed port with conveyor belts or other conveying equipment.

In order to remove moisture from the sand, it’s heat-treated with drying equipment. Drying equipment usually uses high-temperature air or other heat sources to circulate hot air on the sand to slowly lose moisture. It’s called a rotary dryer, fluidized bed dryer, indirect heater, etc.

During the entire drying process, a control system monitors and adjusts parameters such as temperature, humidity, and hot air speed to make sure the drying is effective and the quality is good.

In order to avoid pollution and protect workers’ health, it is usually necessary to set up dust removal equipment to purify and dry the exhaust gas during the drying process.

Drying equipment reduces the moisture content of the sand to the required level and sends it to the next process or storage and packaging equipment.

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