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Efficient and High-Quality Tile Bonding Mortar Production Line: Technology, Precision, and Cost Savings

To make sure the production process is efficient, stable, and meets quality requirements, our company uses the latest technology and technology to build the tile bonding mortar production line. Each batch of products has a uniform composition and meets the relevant specifications and standards with precise batching systems and mixing processes.

Reduce energy consumption and operating costs by using energy-saving technology and equipment. High-quality equipment usually lasts longer, is easy to maintain, has a low failure rate, and is easier to repair.

Sand Drying Production Line

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Sand Making Production Line

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Thermoplastic Road Marking Paint Production Line

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Tile Adhesive Production Line

Dura Mortar is the top manufacturer of tile adhesive mortar mixing production line equipment, offering advanced technology and custom solutions for efficient and reliable production. Trust us for all your… ...
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Raymond Mill Production Line

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Thermal Insulation Mortar Production Line

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Dura Mortar's tile bonding mortar production line has been a game-changer for our construction company. The precise batching systems and mixing processes have ensured that each batch of products has a uniform composition and meets relevant standards, saving us time and money on quality control. The energy-saving technology and equipment have helped us reduce operating costs while maintaining high-quality production.

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Start your own tile adhesive mortar mixing production line

Prepare a business plan to evaluate the feasibility of starting a tile mortar production line factory by doing market research, identifying the target market, competitors, and potential customers.

Identify land and buildings to house the production line and related equipment. Make sure the land is convenient and has enough space for raw materials and finished products to be stored.

Determine the type and quantity of the necessary equipment based on the production scale and product requirements, and then select the appropriate tile mortar production line equipment. Buying auxiliary equipment, quality control equipment, and safety equipment is also important.

Develop a budget for the capital investment required for the entire project, including equipment purchases, building renovations, and personnel training.

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Tile adhesive mortar mixing production lines need raw materials, like cement, sand, fillers, chemical additives, etc., which can be stored in storage bins, and various raw materials are weighed in a certain proportion based on product formulas and specifications.

Put the weighed raw materials into the bin to be mixed and the double-shaft mixer through the bucket elevator, and after 1-2 minutes of stirring to get a uniform material, turn the mixer on automatically with the pneumatic switch on the PLC electric control cabinet. The door automatically opens, and the material gets unloaded automatically into the bin.

The stirred mortar is automatically sent to the packaging machine, where the packaging weight can be adjusted from 15 to 25 kg per bag. Then, the bagged adhesive mortar gets stacked on the pallet by the high-level palletizer/robot palletizer.

A pulse dust collector collects and reuses dust generated at the bucket elevator inlet and packaging machine outlet throughout the entire production line.

To improve production efficiency and product quality, tile adhesive mortar production lines also need to think about things like equipment maintenance, process optimization, and production plan management.

How Dura Mortar Offer you a customized solution

With more than 10 years experience in processing equipment, we can customize a tile bonding mortar mixing production line for you.

We’ll design a customized and complete production line design plan for you based on your specifications, output, and raw materials for the tile bonding mortar mixing production line. Storage and lifting systems, weighing and batching systems, mixing systems, finished products storage and packaging, palletizing equipment, dust removal, environmental protection equipment, etc. Each part of the mortar mixing production line is controlled by a PLC.

To maximize productivity and make best use of space, our company will design the layout of the production line with the help of your factory workshop.

After the equipment is in place, We’ll guide the installation team to install and commission it. That ensures it’s working and compliant with regulations and standards.

In addition to providing operator training and support, we provide after-sales support to ensure the production line continues to run efficiently.

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