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As a leading dry mortar plant and machinery manufacturer, Dura Mortar specializes in providing state-of-the-art equipment for the production of intelligent thermal insulation mortar. With our advanced technology and equipment, we guarantee efficient and reliable production, helping you achieve superior insulation results while reducing costs.

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Enhancing Productivity, Quality, and Customer Satisfaction

As a thermal insulation mortar expert, Dura Mortar can design and manufacture high-quality intelligently operated thermal insulation mortar production lines for you, and continue to improve and innovate based on market demand, using its own expertise.

Automation can increase productivity, reduce labor costs, and reduce human error. Intelligent technology can also monitor and control the production process and improve product quality. Help you win more customers' hearts and occupy more markets with high-quality thermal insulation mortar.

In order to build trust and reputation in the market and attract more customer, our company pays great attention to after-sales service and technical support.

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With Dura Mortar's thermal insulation mortar production line, you can get it done quickly, and it's evenly stirred, so the vitrified microspheres and polystyrene particles are more intact. I've won more orders from old and new customers because the finished thermal insulation mortar is highly praised by users!

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Thermal Insulation Mortar Production Related equipments

The thermal insulation mortar production line equipment we produce is a complete automatic production line, so you don’t have to spend time buying auxiliary equipment. Dura Mortar only buys mechanical and electrical accessories, but it makes its own open packaging machines, edge banders, belt conveyors, etc.

Open port packing machine:

With high packaging precision, there are two feeding methods: fast and slow. The speed is adjustable with a Mitsubishi frequency conversion. The electric control is a PLC. It’s got high-precision weighing sensors and Japanese control instruments. Instruments can be equipped with a standard interface that can communicate with a central system and monitor the packaging.

Sewing machine:

Sewing machines stitch fabric or other materials together with thread with a mechanical or electronic device. With open-mouth packaging machines, it helps open-mouth bags with materials get automatic hemming, so they’re faster and better than hand sewing.

Belt Conveyor:

Conveyor belts are used to transport objects from one place to another using a continuous loop of belts. They can carry items horizontally, inclined or vertically.

How to set up a thermal insulation mortar production line

Preparations for setting up a thermal insulation mortar production line include:

Understanding the thermal insulation mortar market’s demand and development trend, and coming up with appropriate market strategies.

To ensure product quality and production efficiency, the company develops a formula and process for insulation mortar.

Plant construction and site selection: when you pick a site, you need to consider things like transportation, raw materials, and market proximity, and when you build a plant, you need to think about how big the production line is and how the equipment is installed.

Make sure you buy the right production equipment for your own production line, like mixers, conveyors, and packaging machines.

The main raw materials in thermal insulation mortar are cement, gypsum, lightweight aggregates, expansion agents, etc., and there needs to be a stable supply chain.

The thermal insulation mortar production line needs a professional production team, so training and recruitment are needed.

Based on factors like the scale of the production line, production capacity, and equipment configuration, the estimated investment needs to be calculated. In general, a small and medium-sized thermal insulation mortar production line costs between tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands of dollars. Based on the actual situation, you have to figure out the exact investment amount.

thermal insulation mortar production line Processes

In order to run a thermal insulation mortar production line, raw materials are first sent to pretreatment equipment, such as crushing thermal insulation materials in crushers or mixing different raw materials in mixing equipment.

To make sure raw materials are evenly mixed, they’re sent to the mixer in a certain proportion for full mixing and deployment.

Dry powder insulation mortar is put in the packaging machine through the finished product bin for bagging or through the screw conveyor for bulk packing;

Depending on the scale of the production line, equipment configuration, and product requirements, the specific operation process may vary.

thermal insulation mortar production line Manufacturing With Dura Mortar

At Dura Mortar, we understand that every customer has unique requirements and needs, and we strive to provide tailor-made solutions to meet those needs. Our process for designing intelligent thermal insulation mortar production lines involves a detailed analysis of your production scale, product variety, production capacity, degree of automation, and other factors to ensure a custom-fit design that meets your needs.

Our team of experienced engineers will work closely with you at every step of the design process, from demand analysis to equipment installation and commissioning, to ensure that the final design meets your expectations and performs as intended. Contact Dura Mortar today to learn how we can help you achieve energy-efficient, cost-effective, and high-quality thermal insulation mortar production.

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